Prof. Paolo Levi – Critico d’Arte


Prof. Primo Levi – Art Critic

With subjects ranging from still life to landscapes suspended between hyperrealism and classical figuration, Federico Grazzini leads the observer into a world whose contours are redrawn in a fascinating sequence of realism and fantasy. His is an accurate analysis of the visual context that surrounds him. Starting from a traditional  still life scene with landscape, Grazzini drives his own inspiration into stylistic evaluations of the current world. The series “Vetrine a Roma” is a good example, where the painter is able to give the observer moments of metaphysical pleasure.

Through strong and vibrant colors, the artist expresses his own technical ability, which allows him to range over and experiment with different thematic variations, always achieving a result of great visual impact. His hand seconds his creativity by shading the pigments or creating bright contrasts, always characterized by a strong mark. Grazzini alludes to the authentic to suggest, with a participated lightness of the vision, new perspectives, to show how it is possible to reinvent one’s daily life. In a continuous aesthetic research the painter combines vision and emotion, using the lines as a tool to reach the most intimate part of the soul. The artist accurately treats the chiaroscuro effects, he knows when to draw sharp outlines and when instead let the design to dissolve into elegant shades, thus leaving the image in a suspended dimension, which is up to the observer’s imagination to contextualize.

Grazzini leads those who look at his work into a complex world, inhabited by symbolic elements and marked by waits and silences, which touch reality only for a short moment, to immediately return to imaginary places where space and time are non mensurable dimensions.

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